November 19, 2009

Lost Boy, Crib Bedding, & BIG MAMA (viewer discretion advised)

Last week I went in to check on the boys before heading off to bed and to my utter astonishment one little boy was not to be found. I looked under his covers, in the other bed, under their desk, but could find him no where! I was so scared and didn't know what to do when I suddenly noticed his blanket tucked in a cubby hole off to the side of the bed. After further investigation I found our little boy huddled in the cubby hole underneath his blanket sound asleep. I cannot believe he held that position for such a long time and was relieved to find him! Our silly little Jacob.

Back in September my sister Amanda decided to undertake crib bedding for our nursery. I told her I wouldn't be of much help because ... well I'm just not that talented when it comes to sewing or crafts. However, with her telling me and my other sister Jessica what to do we were able to get quite a bit done. Little did I know at the time how much work was left and exactly how amazingly talented my little sis was. She ended up taking the rest of the bedding home and finished it along with making a curtain for the nursery as well. Amanda got all the creative genes in our family and she absolutely amazes me! I just had to show off the bedding because I think it is so adorable (the pictures really don't do it justice)! Thanks so much Amanda & Jessica!

Ok, so I've had many people ask me how big I am so we decided to take a few pictures before this pregnancy comes to an end. And just for your information ... NO! I am not a big fan of picture taking when pregnant. Josh and Jake couldn't have been cuter giving their little sister & brother kisses though! We are scheduled for delivery on November 25th and I can hardly believe that we have less than one week left before I get to meet these little ones. I am so excited!