December 10, 2010

Free Christmas Cards!!!

I heard through my cousin's wife about this deal that is currently going on with Shutterfly. Shutterfly is offering to give you 50 free Christmas cards just by blogging about how wonderful their products are. I, personally, have yet to use Shutterfly, but everything I've seen produced by them is absolutely amazing! My friend has used them for personal photo books and each book she has made through them have turned out fabulous. She's been so impressed with the quality she completes photo books each year for her 3 children. Every book is beautifully unique. She's shown me that Shutterfly offers so much variety. And she's actually told me that it makes scrapbooking enjoyable rather than tedious (which it sometimes is). Any size blog can participate in this offer. They offer you the best quality and there are multiple options to choose from. My friend told me that they get your products to you in a very timely manner as well. I look forward to using Shutterfly and hope if you haven't yet, you can too. If you don't want to miss out on this offer get your order in by Dec. 14th! The following are links to view some of their cards:

· Christmas photo cards
· Holiday cards
· Birth announcements

If you're interested in this deal and getting 50 free cards let me know and I'll pass on this information to you. Also, if you'd like a Christmas card, send your address my way. Happy Holidays!

December 7, 2010

Happy Day of Birth and Thanks!

I have no idea where this last year has gone, but it has gone by in a hurry. Rebekah and Kaden turned 1 on Thanksgiving Day. It was a Happy BirthThanksgiving Day for us! They are both doing so well and have been pretty healthy babies so far. Both are close to walking. Kaden will take steps on his own and probably goes 3 or 4 steps before crashing down. Bekah is content to just stand in place or walk behind her walker. They are so much fun and we've been blessed so much! When Ben & I were first married we wondered if we'd ever even be able to have children and now looking at our beautiful family, it's completely overwhelming to me the amount of love I feel from my Heavenly Father. He has blessed us with four beautiful miracles! Thanksgiving day was indeed a day of thanks.

Bekah loved her little 'Lady'.
Kaden & Bekah love to play with my cell phone so we decided to get them their own. Kaden saying "hello" on his phone.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with The Ericksen side of the family. It was fabulous just being with family and eating waaaaaay past when your stomach's content. :) Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful food. It was all delish!

The day following Thanksgiving we had a little birthday celebration with the other two sides of the family. We had cake and ice cream and serenaded our little ones. There was a joint effort in making Bekah & Kaden's birthday cake. I woke up early Friday morning to hit some of the sales (my first time doing this), so Ben made the cake and when I got home I decorated it. It turned out really good and tasted great too! By the way, black Friday wasn't too bad. I had imagined it being really horrible, and I actually had an enjoyable time. Thanks to my sister-in-laws Kim and Tina.

The joint effort birthday cake. Our babes really love dogs so we decided to do a puppy cake.
Posing with the cake. If I look a little exhausted it's because I was! Definitely not used to waking up at 3:40 in the AM.
Ben & I with our adorable little one year olds! Happy Birthday Kaden & Rebekah!

All said, the Thanksgiving holiday was simply marvelous!