August 22, 2010

Lamb Day!

This entry is officially late in coming, but better late then never huh?! Anyhow, Lamb Day is one of my favorite July holidays and well we wouldn't miss it for the world (just ask my husband). Me and my sisters at the Lamb Day parade (from left to right: Me, Alyson, Jessica, & Amanda). My sisters are all so cute and pregnant!

The men chilling before the parade. Brandon, Ben (holding Bekah), Coby, & Nate (with Emily) out front. They looked pumped for the upcoming activities.
Jake & Josh with their favorite baby-sitter ever... Amy Bangerter! Amy is an attendant to Miss Fairview and just adorable with our kids.
My sisters, Amanda & Jessica, talked me into playing Lamb Day volleyball. It really didn't take that much convincing because I love volleyball! Jessica couldn't play, but her husband Coby did, along with me, my sister Amanda, and her husband Brandon. Ben was signed up to play too, but ended up opting out because we had no one to watch the kiddos.

Amanda smacking the ball! I must say, I was impressed with the leverage she got being pregnant and all.
Getting ready to pass the ball, I think I even got that one up to the setter. :) It was so very HOT and bright the day we played it was almost unbearable.
We survived the heat, the sun, and our team "Bump Ewe" ended up winning the tournament! Our team (me, Amanda, Brandon, & Coby) with our prized possessions (gatorade). You gotta love Lamb Days!

August 9, 2010

Summertime Fun!

So I can't post everything that has happened this summer in one fell swoop, so I've decided to post a few things at a time. Rebekah smiling for the camera and enjoying her first parade on the 4th of July. Honestly, our little girl is pretty much always happy.
Kaden just chilling with Great Grandma Phyllis. Ready to catch some candy!
We had a swimming day at my sister Alyson's house. Jake & Josh had a blast. Jake was a little hesitant to go down the slide all by himself, but didn't have a problem shooting the water cannon's at his brother, cousins, & uncle who went down.
Josh going full steam ahead!
The swimming gang (from top to bottom): Vance, Emily, Jared, Uncle Brandon, Josh, & Jake. I think my brother-in-law had more fun on the slide then the kids did.