March 28, 2011

Kiddos Pics!

Just had to share the kiddos pictures! I thought they turned out fabulous (my opinion may be slightly biased). :) These were taken for Kaden & Bekah's 1st birthday and for Jake & Josh's 6th. Love these kiddos soooo much!

Our little "Kader-tot". This little boy certainly has a character of his own. It's so fun to watch his personality take shape. He has an obsession with hair and is constantly after poor little Bekah's pony tails.
Yes, he loves to eat things!
What can I say ... isn't she adorable? Our little Bek's is such a happy little girl. She just knows how to brighten one's day. But of course she was a little pill for the photo shoot, and this was as good as it got. She is totally different than all our boys and it's so much fun just watching her.
I just really liked this one!
Jake is our ball of constant energy! He loves playing sports and anything that is active. He has an opinion about everything and isn't afraid to tell you so. I can hardly believe that these two boys are already 6! They amaze me with the things that they are learning in school. They are becoming quite the readers.
Josh is so chill with life. He just takes things as they come and has a large amount of patience for people and things around him. He is our crafty/artsy kid (no idea where that came from-but grateful for it nonetheless).

Our little Cox Clan. Left to right (top pic): Joshua, Kaden, Rebekah, & Jacob. These kiddos are what make our lives exciting & fun. Love them all soooo much!