July 31, 2010

Summer Project

Just thought I'd share what my husband has been up to this Summer. Whoever says that teachers don't work during the summer obviously doesn't know my husband. Ben was determined to learn how to frame and sheetrock our basement and here are some of the pictures of our basement getting finished. Sorry, these pictures aren't in the order I intended, but you get the idea. Ben didn't do the finish work (mudding/taping & painting) but I'm proud to say that he did everything else to get it ready!
Painting stage (near completion)...
I love the blue wall.

Mudding a taping stage...

And sheet rocking. With the help of our family members we were able to get a lot knocked out in just a day. Ben (red shirt) getting things into place. Just a side note: No one (except Ben's dad) had ever sheet rocked previous to coming to our home. Ben learned the night before our big sheet rocking party how to do it and then showed everyone else the day of.
Ben & brother-in-law Casey with their skrew drivers (now that's a deadly force). Who knew I married such a handy man? Honestly, I'm so proud of my husband and his hard work getting this done.