May 1, 2010

April Activities

My husband with his rock band 'Upside'. They preformed at the local high school Inaugural Ball. They had a lot of fun, the kids loved it, and well... it was great! Other band members include (starting from the left): Dax Higgins (lead guitar and fellow H.S. teacher), Ben (lead vocalist and guitar player), Spencer Cox (bass guitar, Ben's brother), and in the back Kenny Cox (drummer, Ben's cousin). They've only been at this since January, but the are pretty official. They have their own sound and light systems (fog machine included) :).
As you can see, the high school kids loved it!
I would like to introduce the newest member to the Cox Family... our little lambio Junior (Josh and Jake came up with the name).
When we first got the lamb I was terrified that it was going to die. That first night I fed it with a baby bottle to try and get it to drink. Now, you can't even tell that it was a frail little lamb to begin with.
Josh and Jake feeding Junior. Yes, I love the snowy weather in April (that was complete sarcasm)! The warm weather is not coming fast enough for us or for our lamb.
In the middle of the month Josh, Jake, and I went camping out on the West Desert with my sister Amanda and her family, and my mom and dad. Ben, my terriffic husband, offered to stay home with the babies. We had a great time searching for fools gold, arrowheads, looking at indian writings, catching horny toads, and playing in the sand.
Me, Jake, Josh, Brooklyn, Amanda, and Brandon hunting for fools gold.
As soon as we loaded up to come home we looked back to find Jake and Josh fast asleep. All the fun had completely worn them out.
Our family had a great easter. Kaden loves the little bunny that the easter bunny brought him. I think more than anything he just loves to eat it.
Two happy little babes.
Amanda's daughter Brooklyn (center of pic) celebrated her first birthday. It was a princess party and everyone was supposed to dress up. My sister Jessica convinced me to dress up in my old prom dress. So, I slipped right into my dress (it didn't quite fit as well I remember it fitting) and put on my Miss Lamb Day crown and off we went. It was a fun party and Brooklyn was so cute about the whole thing.
Grandma and Grandpa Ericksen have an annual easter egg hunt at their house. The kids loved it and had a great time despite the weather being a bit chilly. In this picture there are 3 sets of twins!
Josh & Jake dumping out the contents of their easter eggs.
Hunting for eggs.