June 8, 2010

Family Firsts

We've had a lot happen over the last month that I just wanted to share. WARNING: Lots of pictures are to follow!! We had a family reunion the end of May down in St. George with the Cox Family. It was a lot of fun! The following picture is of the whole Cox Family.

We haven't had a couple picture taken for awhile, so we decided to pose for the camera. I sure love this handsome hunk of a husband!
Joshua and Jacob are in their first year of tee-ball. They are having a great time and I must admit it is thoroughly entertaining to watch.

Jacob hitting off the tee. From the looks of this picture I think he actually connected with the ball.
Joshua working on his throwing technique during a game. Can't you just see him thinking point, step, throw? He actually looks like he could be on the Karate Kid or something!
Who needs a bumbo when you have laundry baskets? Kaden has the sweetest little smile.
First cereal feeding. Ok, so the first time wasn't so great. More food ended up on their faces and clothes then in their mouths, but they're slowly getting the hang of it.

Bekah has enough hair in the back to put it in a pony tail. I decided to try a curler too and well isn't she just adorable?! She is such a happy baby and just a delight to have in our house.
Joshua and Jacob graduated from pre-school in May. I can hardly believe that they'll be going to Kindergarten in the Fall. What some sharp looking little men we've been blessed with.

They both passed pre-school with flying colors! On the evaluation sheet their teacher filled out they both completed everything required for entry into Kindergarten with one small exception for Joshua ... skipping. The kid can't skip, but he sure can gallop. Hope you find the following clip as funny as I did!

June 2, 2010

Cutting Teeth!

Ok so I am a super lame blogger, but honestly finding time for me to sit down and blog is a really difficult thing! I just had to write before I forget to and share our family's biggest news ... Kaden has 2 different teeth breaking through and Bekah has one on the way as well! I've been wondering the last couple of days what in the world happened to my happy little babies, well teething explains it all.

I love these little babes!