July 30, 2011

Summer fun!

I am what some would call a lame blogger. This is my attempt to share some of the happenings of our summer this far. It's been such a fast paced summer. I don't know why the summer months fly by so quickly, but they certainly do! This first pic is supposed to be later in the blog, but once the pics are downloaded you know how it goes. Anyways, this is a pic of the family at Hogle Zoo!

We started the summer off with t-ball. The boys improved so much from last year. Everyone wins in t-ball! You gotta love it!

Jake putting his wheels on running to 1st base!
Point, step, throw!
Josh getting ready to swing.
At the beginning of June we decided to have a little family fun time. My dear friend Amy helped us with the babes while we went to Trafalga the first day. It was fun to just spend some time with Josh & Jake. The boys especially liked Lazer tag. After Trafalga we got the babes and headed up to Salt Lake for the night. We went to Hogle Zoo the following day and we all had a grand time! Unfortunately the camera died after taking only a few pics at the zoo. :(
Ben & Josh on the 'Water Blaster' ride at Trafalga. We all got a little wet. :)
Miniature golfing with the kiddos.
Riding in the race cars.

Bekah playing in the fields behind our home. She's not so sure about the prickly grass.
Jake & Josh climbing trees and building forts.
Josh and Bekah swinging away. I just love these little people!
Jake & Kaden.
And last, but not least Josh & Jake took full advantage of the end of Spring and start of Summer. They pulled their bikes out and finally figured out how to ride them (with a little help from mom)! Josh smiling hard for the camera.
I know he (Jake) should be watching the road, but I had to capture this pic. He was so excited that I was taking pictures of them riding their bikes, he just cheesed it.