February 10, 2011

Here's to 10 YeArS!!!

Ten years ago today I married my best friend, the man I adore, cherish, and love with all my heart, my dear husband ... Ben. Life has many twists and turns that none of us can fully understand, but I know through these experiences we can be strengthened. We had planned to go to San Diego (where we got engaged) for our anniversary, but it has been temporarily postponed due to an unseen change in plans. On Sunday Ben had a sudden attack of illness. We thought if he got on antibiotics quickly he'd be better to make the trip ... come to find out he has pneumonia and we won't be going anywhere for a few weeks (except for us to visit him in the hospital). :(

Have you ever had something you were so looking forward too? Well, this was one of those trips for us and it felt like it all kind of came crashing down. The kiddos have been sick too, and well it's just been one of those crazy (what in the world) kind of weeks! Anyhow, this isn't to throw a pity party for myself, this is to say that life is absolutely wonderful! We will get through this. Despite trials our family is so blessed. I am blessed to be married and sealed to a man that loves me and truly loves our children. So grateful that relationships and families are eternal. Ben you are the most amazing man! Thanks for making the last 10 years of my life the absolute best ever. I love you!!