September 12, 2010

Summertime Fun Continued...

I'm playing catch up, but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway. I missed putting these pictures in when I was originally loading the photos, and darn it that you can't put them in the order after the fact. Anyhow, just keep reading to find out more. This first picture is of Amy with the babes at Steins. Aren't those babes adorable!

Me & Jess swimming.
We visited Ben in the hospital when we went to Steins. I wished he would have been able to come with us for he was missed! I was happy we were able to stop by and visit him for awhile. Honestly, those 2 weeks he is in the hospital are always the longest for me. It truly makes me appreciate him and all he does to help out when he's home.
Back to the 24th of July ... My husband's band 'Upside' performed at the local car show. They did great! From left to right Dax Higgins, Ben (my hubbie), Kenny Cox (in the very back with the drums), and Spencer Cox. It's so much fun to watch my husband doing something that he loves and something that he's so good at.

My husband wasn't the only one having fun at the car show, Josh & Jake kept themselves entertained with the rock wall. Josh working his way to the top!

Jake just getting started. I wish you could see a close up of his hat. The hat has these fire flames on it with a car (thanks to the car show giveaways). Jake was so excited to get a prize and wouldn't take the hat off for days.
Near the beginning of the month of August my cousin Trevor and his now wife, Amanda, were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Ben was in the hospital during this time so I recruited my trusty baby-sitter/friend, Amy, to help out. We headed up to Park City and stayed a few nights (thanks to Uncle Russ). I didn't get a lot of pictures because most often my hands were full with babies, but I did get Josh & Jake in the hot tub (which they considered to be their own personal pool).
Taking advantage of the last few weeks of summer we decided to pack up, head down to Manti, & go swimming.
Me with my boys, and my sister Alyson's kids. From left to right: Vance, Josh, Emily, Me, Jake, & Jared. Good times! My sister Jessica was there too, but she was the photographer.