May 18, 2012

All good Things must Come to An end

For the past three years Ben has been tirelessly working on his Master's Degree.  The classes have been long and the work load tedious and difficult at times, but he's finally finished and it it such a celebration for our whole family!  I'm so proud of him for his hard work and effort!  We decided to attend the graduation ceremony at USU because both Ben and his brother Brett were graduating with the Master's.  

That guy (directly in the middle) looking right at the camera is Ben.

Ben with Mom and Dad Ericksen.

My Boys ... Love them all!

Ben with his dad.

Love, love this man!  I couldn't be prouder.

We had to wake Bek's up for pictures, so she looks a little drowsy.

Ben's brother Brett with his adorable family.

 Ben, Dad Cox, and Brett.

Mom and Dad Aagard with Ben.

Aren't they just adorable?!

 The day after Ben's graduation, Josh, Jake, and I had our C-Minor performance.  C-Minor is a children's choir for the kids in our community.  They sing and do a little choreography with the songs.  I've played the piano for the group for the last 6 years!  This is the first year the boys have been able to participate in the group and it has been so much fun listening to and watching them.

Josh and Jake are front row and center.

With a little bribing (ice cream afterwards), we were able to get them to actually do the actions.  They did a great job and the accompanist didn't mess up too badly either.  Always such a relief to have the performance done!  Stay tuned for a song from the concert...


  1. I wish I could have come to the C-Minor concert. They look so cute and I'm sure you did just fabulous!

  2. Jenny Cox! Your name popped into my head tonight so I went internet searching for you. Remember your old buddy Kira from MFHD classes at BYU?! Hope you are doing well. Would love to catch up if you see this message. or 937.707.7482